What treatment would be good, to correct the Injection spots and make the buttocks fuller? (Photos)

As a young child, I received vaccination shots in my bottocks. Both sides are affected by it. The right side has a big loss of fat under the skin, while the left side has a deep, more circilular fat loss spot. I gained about 20 pounds after giving birth, which makes the spots even more visible. I am looking into a treatment or maybe combination of treatments, that could make the spots and my whole buttocks even and full. Please advise. Thank you for your help.

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Buttock Injection spots

Hi Evin

These spots and the unevenness mentioned can be easily fixed with fat grafting, and depending on how much grafting is done, a lift may not be necessary. But a lift/tuck can also be done if more volume is not desired and the skin is just looking to be more taut. 

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Dr. Mowlavi

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I think that buttock implants placed properly would be the best option for you.  Your surgeon may choose to perform small spot fat transfers directly into the dimpled areas.  Be sure to choose a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in buttock implants and has an extensive photo gallery. 

Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment for injection spots on buttock?

This is the rare case where i believe fat grafting is a good aesthetic long term option. On the other hand, I typically recommend buttock implants as the best and only reliable permanent option for making the entire buttock fuller (ie. augmented). I see at least 2 - 3 patients, domestic and international,  per week that failed "brazilian buttock lift" (i.e. the fat melted away after 10 - 12+ months and/or the projection result was grossly insufficient) and are now seeking a more reliable and permanent option (i.e. buttock and/or hip implants).  Glad to help. 

Ryan Stanton, MD
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