Tattoo Removal in 3 Months? (photo)

Hi i need to remove a tatto in 3 months because i just a got a job for an airline and visible tattoo are a NO NO... the tat is all black and 5 years old, im also willing to consider plastic surgery :( i need to get rid of it asap.. I have already done a first laser session and there is no swelling or infection and my foot is fine.. maybe i could do it every 2 weeks instead of waiting 1 month? i regret having this done so badly and i dont wanna lose my beloved job.. I live in italy thanks for your help

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Picosure laser tattoo removal

Your best bet is with the Picosure laser tattoo removal system.  I utilize this in my office and it is the industry standard for tattoo removal.  Because your tattoo is all black and there is not a large volume of pigment, you could get significant fading in that period of time but total removal in three months is very unlikely.  The treatments can not necessarily be sped up as the body's own cells are responsible for removing the pigment after each laser treatment which must be spaced apart at least six weeks.  Good luck.

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