Supratip Fullness?

after my first rhinoplasty i had fulness on my tip.i was told it was due to excessive lower lateral cartilage on one side.i went through a revision but now it looks like the other side of the nose got worse and i still can see excessive fullness of the tip .at this point I can't tell if the nose was made too short and the bridge was over resected instead.could a problem (overresected bridge and too short nose)have been confused with another (tip fullness due to cartilage)?

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Supratip fullness

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Just can't give you any sensible advice without pictures, and understanding the time intervals between your rhinoplasties, and the time since your most recent surgery.

As Dr Fleming suggests, please post pix!

Supratip issues

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An exam in person is critical to access your issues.  Most of the time supratip fullness is swelling  or excess tissue that was not treated adequately.

Supratip Nasal Fullness

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Supratip fullness (a Pollybeak) is caused by excess cartilage above the tip or inadequate projection of the tip. From your description I'm not sure exactly where the fullness is located. It is impossible to critique your nose without pictures or a physical examination. My website has instructions on how to take pictures for nasal evaluation which you can submit.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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