Previous nose surgery unsatisfactory. Nose tip and nostrils enlarged with time; what now? (Photos)

I had years ago a nose surgery which at first seemed rather even if it did not change much of my nose shape. With time the nostril seemed to enlarge and nose tip to get bigger. I have asked another surgeon what I can do now and he suggested me to cut a little part of each nostril to make them smaller. I am not sure of this. Is this the correct thing to do? Would the nose improve?

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Large nostrils after primary rhinoplasty

Your concerns can be improved with a secondary surgery.  This procedure should address your nasal concerns including your tip and dorsum.  You can also benefit from narrowing your ala by excising some skin at your nasal base in each nostril.  This is both safe and effective.  The scar hides itself effectively with time and has to be performed symmetrically.

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