Medpor Malar implant infected - it was taken out, now what? How long should I wait? Lipofilling or implant again? (photos)

I had surgery with Malar implants and I discovered months after that one was displaced and infected. I had it removed. The doctor who took it out was different from the doctor who did the first surgery and they told me completely different things. The doctor of removal suggested me a lipofilling while I think I would rather like to put the same implant I have on the other side. 4 months have passed since removal. First doctor suggested me to wait for one year but I insisted and agreed to do it.

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Revison Malar Augmentation post infection

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Thanks for your question. I am sorry to read about your infection and the difficulties that you had related to implant removal. Most surgeons recommend waiting approximately 6-12 months before considering re-implantation. An examination and dental evaluation preoperatively should determine the proper timing of revision. If you have any dental issues, dental infections or abscesses in the tooth roots, have these corrected before proceeding with malar replacements. Additionally, consider a short course of antibiotics each time you have your teeth cleaned to prevent re-infection of your implant sites. 

Additionally, your current remaining implant seems too have not given you complete correction. You may wish to consider replacing the Medpore implant with bilateral silastic malar implants when you have your revision. Implantech Inc. makes a nice selection of implant shapes and sizes. Some of these options may be a better choice for you. Good luck. 

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