Why does my left nostril look bigger and more asymmetrical than the right one? (Photo)

How you can see I have a crooked nose to the left , and I wonder if that's the reason why my left nostril looks way different than the right one , the thing is that I find ugly my left nostril I want it to be like the right one . Can a rhinoplasty to correct my crooke nose correct also the shape of my left nostril without having to correct it directly?

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Asymmetry of the nostrils

Thank you very much for posting your picture.

Your diagnosis is correct and a rhinoplasty - or more probably a septorhinoplasty should certainly improve the deviation and the asymmetry between your nostrils.

There are many technical details to discuss and I would recommend to discuss your case with a European Board Plastic Surgeon with a specialist interest nose surgery.

I wish you the best of luck,

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