Are these kind of scars normal? (Photo)

It's been about 5 weeks post op upper Blepharoplasty. My swelling went down but I think there are still some swelling. But I'm worried about the scars. It looks like it doesn't heal right. Is that normal ? Are they going to go away ?

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Upper blepharoplasty scars at 5 weeks

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This healing is not normal, but can be corrected at some point. You may want to wait 4-6 months prior to having revisions, but I would encourage you to proceed with a second opinion. Your blepharoplasty surgeon may benefit from seeing this incision line in order to improve on his or her technique, but I would not have that surgeon do the revisions. I don't know your medical history or if you have issues that could impair healing, but judging from the photograph, this is a problem with technique. It can be repaired. Best wishes!

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