Hard scar tissue after Artefill removal. Any suggestions?

Hello doctors! About three months ago I had Artefill removed from my lips that left me with rock hard scar tissue. Now my lips feel so hard and tight that I cant smile properly. Is this normal for my type of intervention? Als the incision on my nottom lip is still a little bit raised. (Not sure if its hypertophic scar). How long does it takes for the internal scar tissue to soften? What should I do to fasten this process? Should I try steroids or 5FU injections? Please help!

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Steroid Injection for Scar Tissue

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I'm sorry to hear about what happened, but don't worry! The scar tissue that you atalking about should not be very difficult to soften. Injections of Kenalog, combined with 5FU and possibly Dexamethasone will certainly help. Your doctor will determine exactly what he or she wants to inject when they evaluate your lips. Make sure that you go to an experienced injection specialist because too much steroids can create indentations. Hope that helps!

Is there anyway to place a photo on the site?

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I would really like to see the area we are talking about.  please, have a photo along with the question for better andrestanding of the situation. 

Removing Artefill from the face

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Kenalog IIT can help resolve some of your issues. It would be appropriate to determine if there is continued granuloma reaction before treatment. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

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Artefill in Italy

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If you had your injections anywhere except the US, Canada or S. Korea you did not have Artefill or Bellafill.  It is not available outside these countries.  There are however, a number of similar products that are, in most instances, "knock offs" that can cause issues like you unfortunately have.  If your lumps are truly just scar tissue then judicious injections of the steroid Kenalog or low dose 5 FU may be of benefit.
I hope that helps.
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