Is it possible to get the right ear similar to the left one with a revision operation? (Photos)

Hi everyone! I had a bilateral otoplasty done at the end of June. The result on the left ear is good, but unfortunately I had some problems with the right one after the procedure. It has two visible scars that are now healing (on the antihelix and on the concha) and it’s also more prominent than the left one (the difference is about 4-5 mm). Twelve days after the procedure a stitch on the antihelix broke and it started to protrude more than the left one.

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Is it possible to get the right ear similar to the left one with a revision operation?

Yes, it is possible. For this you have the traditionally invasive method with which you were already operated on, or you have the minimally invasive Merck stitch method, whereby the ear is no longer cut open and you may not only check but also help determine the new position of your ear in a hand mirror.

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Asymmetry after prominent ear correction possibility with a revision operation

Hello and thank you for this question.

There are a number of techniques for prominent ear correction with differing ways used to get the ears to sit back; some are more aggressive than others and the more aggressive a procedure the more chance of wound healing problems including delayed healing or loss of tissue as well as recurrence. 

I am not sure how long after surgery these photographs have been taken but I think I can see see a retained exposed remnant of a skin suture at the back on the left side and, as you state, some recurrence of prominence at the superior pole on the right side. 

This would certainly be  amenable to re correction but it would be best to wait until healing is complete and scarring has matured before consideration of re operation.

I hope that this information has been helpful. 

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You would benefit from Revision Otoplasty

Hello there. You certainly have several problems from your surgery a few months ago: 

1.  Hypertrophic scarring of the incision sites 

2.  Retained nylon suture behind the left ear

3.  Loss of the right helix – anti-helix fold

Ideally, any revision facial surgery should be done six months from the initial procedure to allow maximum optimization of problems from the previous surgery. In the meantime, products to improve your scarring would be advised. These products include topical steroids, as well as topical silicone products. Please be careful to avoid sun exposure to the incisions.  Also, removing that retained stitch would be advisable. 

Once you are ready to undergo revision surgery, the scars should be revised, as well as the right helix – anti-helix fold anatomy.  It is very reasonable for you to return to your original photo plastic surgeon with these concerns and expectations for improvement. If you are seeking a second opinion, find a facial cosmetic surgeon  with expertise in ear surgery and revision surgery.  Good luck! 

Tanuj Nakra, MD, FACS
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