Bad lip filling. What did he use in my lips? (Photo)

5 years ago a did a lip augmentation with lip fillers. The dr told me that he was using juvederm plus and is going to last 1 year. Its 5 years and I still have the lip filling and I think its even biger tha before. Lips are big and fake lookin. What he used in my lips?

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Obtain records

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The records should show what was used. If it was juvederm ,rarely patients can form thickening.At 5 years the options may be limited but hyluronidase can dissolve filler. This treatment needs to be customized.

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Ask for a copy of your chart

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If this was done 5 years ago, its not Juvederm.  There is no telling what is in there.  Ask for a copy of your chart for your records.  Don't tell them why.

Lip Fillers

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If there is any confusion about what the doctor used to treat and fill your lips please request a copy of the medical records.  In those records it will document which filler was used and you can proceed from there.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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