Is this specific surgery possible?

First, I want to fix my slightly deviated septum. Then I want to reduce (not completely get rid of, just reduced a bit) my dorsla hump. I want to elevate the tip SLIGHTLY (I don't want a ski-slope nose, I just want it to not point downwards). Finally, I want to reduce the nose size in length. Is it possible to get this done, preferably through a closed rhinoplasty? If so, are there any surgeons in Turkey willing to do this surgery despite the difficulties

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Thank you for your question. Your desires are possible to achieve, however, I would recommend that you seek a board certified facial plastic surgeon that is experienced in the rhinoplasty procedure, particularly with the types of alterations you would like to make to your face. It is possible to perform a closed rhinoplasty where we address your concerns through incisions to the inside of the nasal passages. I cannot stress enough the importance of your consulting with a board certified facial surgeon.Best wishes,

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