Nose bump removed too much

I did a nosejob for 8 months ago, and removed the bump, but my surgeon has removed it too much so it looks unatural. I have heard i can have fillers to fix it, but its not permanent, therefore i want to ask if there is permanents solutions to this.

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Overdone Hump Removal

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Hi Firstladiez,

While there are no photos to evaluate, generally, if the issue is a little depression from previous hump reduction, permanent fillers, cartilage, or bone graft may be considered for permanent results.

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Nose bump removed too much

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Thank you for your query.

Without seeing any of your pictures, it is very difficult to comment. Dorsal augmentation of the nose can be achieved through a variety of techniques. You would have to discuss with your surgeon what your concerns are, and jointly come to a decision as to what action is best for you.

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