Is this normal after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing? Worried. (Photos)

Hi I had laser resurfacing , ı dont know fractioned or old laser co2 18 day ago it is now Monday and this is how I look.. I am scared it's going to leave indents or marks of some kind ?? Also I am still very red I was told after one month I wouldn't be red but now I am stressing out thinking the worst can anyone help me please ...I start to use azeleic acid at nights and i wonder is it increase redness? When i start to use HQ , Retinoic Acid and Low potency corticosteroid? Please help...

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Co2 pigmentation treatment with skin care, peels and sun protectiong--See an expert

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I would discontinue the azeleic acid. My suggestion is to see a cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in lasers and skin care. This type of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation needs to be treated very specifically with skin care, sun protection and vascular lasers. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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