I want Rhinoplasty but I don't know how to direct my surgeon in my wants. Any suggestions? (photos)

I want rhinoplasty. I feel my nose is too big. But I feel saying 'my nose is big' is not enough direction and gives my surgeon too much leeway to do as he or she wishes. I am less keen on having my nose broken as I think my face looks great if I cover only the tip of my nose without the bridge.. Any suggestions or advice on what I should improve?

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Describing My Rhinoplasty Goals to My Surgeon

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Sometimes it is difficult to describe exactly what you want but an experienced rhinoplasty specialist can help by showing you multiple examples of results in patients who had a nose like yours.

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Rhinoplasty how to communicate to surgeon my desires?

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I tend to agree with you that you need work only on the tip of the nose since most of the other parts of nose look good to me.
I normally call patients to come with some pcitures they way like to look which they collect from net.
I then do photo animation to discuss and reach to their deisres.
In consensus we reach a conclusion based on this I discuss the surgical steps needed to give that shape and then try to give that nose.
There are up to 80% chances to get it right if all goes well.
Wishing you all the best.

Rhinoplasty Goals

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An excellent way to get a better sense of the changes that are possible is to have your surgeon perform computer morphing of your images. Although there are limitations, this will help you visualize what small changes will have on the overall balance of your appearance.

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Yes- the more specific a patient is in terms of how or what they would want changed helps the preoperative planning process.  For instance, understanding where the nose is large or other aspects with your plastic surgeon is key.. best of luck 

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