I have Hair fall on the donor side of the head. Any suggestions?

Dear Doctors i have notice hair fall started 1 year before on the donor area,it is not massive but it occur in certain places such as sides in front of the ear,i have done blood test to check everything but they told me it is testosterone increase, and i am taking Propecia but what i know is the donor area is not effected with the increase of testosterone androgenic hair fall so i am wondering about it i will attach the photos later as i grow the hair longer because i have wedding ceremony to attend

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Hair fall on the donor side

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Your age is important ??You may have retrograding alopecia on back of your head .. But , I saw thinning of hair in donor area in some of my patients after years of surgery . I think it was related with genetic of people .

Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Hair loss in donor area without hair transplant

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There are many things that can cause this including alopecia areata, Diffuse unpatterned alopecia, etc. You need to meet with a doctor to find out the diagnosis with a good examination of your hair and scalp

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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