Feel dry and itchy scalp, any help?

1day post operation the doctor removed the donor area wrap, and told me no need to cover it, also he didnt give me head band and now i got swelling in the forehead and increasing, also i feel my scalb so dry and itching, any advice? I cant stand this, for your information today is the 3rd day post & still didnt wash or apply any solution on both donor and recepient area

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Itchy scalp

During the first 10 days following the hair transplant procedure, you should gently clean the transplanted area with a special shampoo and mousse. Scabs in the recipient area will typically fall off after 10 days. It is normal to experience some itching during this period. Taking antihistamines can help reduce serious itchiness. Further, I advise you to apply ice or cold pack to prevent or reduce the swelling.  Swelling generally hits its peack the third day and then starts to go down after the fifth day. 

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Every doctor has their own specific post operative instructions. Please give your doctor a call.

Every doctor has their own specific post operative instructions.  Please give your doctor a call.  If your scalp is dry and itchy call your doctor for a check up.

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Itchly scalp after surgery

The medications HPR + HydroGel work well for itching and you can get the reference from your doctor or call 

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Post op regiment after Hairtransplant

each doctor has their own post op routine. You need to contact your own doctor for follow up and post op concern. 

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