Can deviated septum get straightened without changing characteristics of my nose?

I will get a septoplasty. Also, I want my nose to get in the right place without changing the hump and wide nose tip. Is it possible? My doctor said it is not possible to make what I want without slimming down my nose and nose tip and removing the hump. Is it correct? Thank you.

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Septoplasty and changes to the appearance of your nose

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A septoplasty is a procedure to straighten the septum only.  When a crooked septum is straightened, the majority of what is changed is inside the nose and not visible.  When the bridge of the nose is also visibly crooked from a septum problem, the nose can be somewhat straightened after a septoplasty.

A septoplasty does not address or make changes to the hump (bridge) or tip of the nose.  The change the appearance of these areas, surgical maneuvers need to be done that are considered part of a "rhinoplasty."

In summary, yes, it is possible to address a crooked septum without narrowing, slimming, or removing any humps of your nose.  I recommend you visit a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who is an expert in the nose to give you the best recommendations to treat your septum.

Best of luck!

Reno Facial Plastic Surgeon

Septoplasty and external appearance

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It is certainly possible to correct the septum without changing the external appearance of the nose. However, depending on how crooked your nose is, you might require additional maneuvers to straighten it. But this can definitely be done without removing the hump or changing the tip. These are separate maneuvers. Photos would be helpful to give you better advice. Good luck!

Justin Cohen, MD
Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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