My crown on dental implant looks shorter than my natural teeth due to the growth of my other teeth and its gum is higher (Photo)

I had my when i was 16.Now I'm 25.It looks shorter so I've consulted with some doctors to do sth about it.All of them suggested that i should have a surgery to lift up the adjacent gums to that level.But they had different views about the crown.Some of them believed that i should replace the old crown with a new porcelain zirconium(my old crown was PFM),while others thought it'd be best to leave it,and cover my 8 frontal teeth with composite veneers, but is it gonna stick to my implant crown?

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You grow, Your implant DOES NOT

Your concern is understandable. Changing the crown , may not necessarily make if look better. Your smile analysis is important and your expectations are even more crucial. If I understand correctly you had the implant placed when you were 16, you were probably still growing that being said your implants can prevent your growth in that area while the rest keep going hence your length discrepancy. Regardless, there are many options for you to get the killer smile you deserve. Make sure you pick the practitioner who understands smile design and not just making crowns.

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