Arm liposuction? Vaser hi def? (Photo)

I have these huge arms comparing to my lower body and esp my thin legs. I also have fat in my armpits and at the back of my arms. I went to see a PS who does vaser hi def. He checked out my body and told me there is not much fat in my arms, the fat he's gonna take wouldn't even fill a cup. He told me that my arms were just not fit and I should do sports however that won't make my arms any thinner. I was devastated. Is this really true? Do you have any other opinions?

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VASER HI DEF Liposuction-- Arms

Thank you for your question. From the pictures provided above it looks like the redistribution of fat primarily does reside in your arms. This procedure can be done using VASER Liposuction for defining your arms and I would suggest using the harvested fat for the breasts. Without pictures i'm unsure but if you have any problematic areas you would like to take from in the lower abdominal region; that would be a great addition for the best outcome of natural sculpted and defining look. I suggest consulting with an expert in VASER Hi Def Lipo who can offer a better answer as to what can be done. Best Regards, Dr. Berger

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