What Issues from Silicon Found Under Arm from Rupture of Mentor Smooth Gel Silicon Put in 13yrs Ago (2000)?

VERY GRATEFUL FOR AS MANY DOCTOR RESPONSES AS POSSIBLE Personal experience also appreciated 1.Can you list potential issues just from silicon 2.Can you list potential issues if travel thru lymph node Can removal of implant lower inflammation in body (ie- newly high thyroid antibodies (114) with normal t3 and t4,

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What Issues from Silicon Found Under Arm from Rupture of Mentor Smooth Gel Silicon

The standard for such a leaking implant would be removal and complete capsulectomy if  possible and safe. Most would not recommend any treatment to the lymph nodes--their removal is likelier to cause harm than to do good. As to the last question, it is far outside my expertise and that of most plastic surgeons. Your primary physician might refer you to a rhematologist if the the answer to that question will have any bearing on your decisions. 

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Silicone Rupture and Lymph Node Issues

   If the implants are ruptured, the implants should be removed as well as remant silicone material that has extruded.  Silicone is relatively inert, and I would not anticipate a change in antibodies after removal.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Autoimmune diseases and implants

In over 14 years of study there has been found to be no relationship between autoimmune diseases and implants.  If you are having autoimmune problems then ous should be seen by a specialist.  

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