6 months into overbite correction; my face looks thinner. I had no extractions and haven't lost any weight? (Photos)

Im 29, have braces for last 6 mo. I see visible changes in my teeth , but i feel my face looks weak now. Not liking the change . What should i do for it? Treatment is gonna be for 18-24 mo.

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Sometimes we see things others don't

While you may be right, that there is a slimming effect and facial changes, these changes requires focus and concentration to notice.  Most (all?) others won't notice.  I am not even certain that I can tell which photos are the before and which are after.

Some changes are due to muscles not working as hard as the did or even WILL.  If the bite is changing, muscle fibers that have never been used may get some work, and some that were over used will be used less, and just like quitting a gym membership, big muscles that stop being used will get smaller.

It is possible that in time the jaw muscles will appear the same once the bite is settled and "dialed in".

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