When Does the Scar from Mole Removal Procedure Completely Heal and Change to Skin Color? (photo)

hey! My doctor removed 3 spots from my hand and one mole from my face by an electric needle one months ago. I had scabs, and the scabs fall out 2 weeks after the procedure. now I have dark red dots , very visible. It's very depressing because I removed them due to aesthetic reasons. Will the red marks change to my skin color? If yes, when will it happen? thanks for the help !

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Mole removal

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It is very important to not let the areas scab up after the procedure as this will inhibit the area from healing as well as it possibly can.  Immediately after the procedure, it is important to keep the areas clean and to use bacitracin on the area for the first few days and then transition to Vaseline for another few days.  Also, it is very important to keep the area out of the sun as it heals.  

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Marks from mole removal

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First, you should have been advised NOT to let the areas scab. This leads to discoloration. It's important to keep mole removals free from scabs and gooped up with Polysporin or Vaseline or something like that, until a new pink skin begins to form. Now that you have these marks, you need to keep them out of the sun. I would also recommend putting hydrocortisone on them after cool water. Additionally, you may need some light IPL flashes or Laser Genesis or something similar done to remove the pinkness and help balance out the color. Proper post care is a must with any type of removal, and most of the scarring and discolorations we see after things like this are due to the fact that people let scabs form. Scabs=scars.

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