Is the unevenness of the nostrils due to the breakage at the tip? Will it be resolved when the tip is fixed? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty done more than a year ago. I now have a bump on the left side of the tip. my doctor tells me that probably i broke the cartilage by mistake sometime soon after the surgery. what bothers me, is the unevenness of the nostrils and columela. he says that i had it before and he wont fix it . i did not have it before, and when i press the bump it fixes the unevenness. I would like to know if fixing the tip would also positively affect the rest. if not, how complicated is it to fix them?

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Uneven tip

I think the little bump is probably the tip cartilage. It probably won't get better on its own. Fixing it would require surgical revision. So it really depends on how much it's bothering you. I think you see it more than others. Overall I think you have gotten a nice result.

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