Uneven ears after Otoplasty surgery. (photos)

So i had an Otoplasty surgery a week ago, and my left ear is more pinned to the head than my right ear,iknow iam supposed to wait few months but i dont think time can change that,iam really disappointed from the surgery because now i have only 1 normal ear.my left ear also looks diffrent from the right one the end of the ear is pinned to the head while in my right ear it looks really normal I;d appericiate any help and answers

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Give your results more time to heal.

It’s not unusual to be anxious after having surgery and inspect the results carefully. However, at one week it is too early to see the full result and I would caution you about drawing any significant conclusions or taking action too soon. You should also be aware that before the surgery your ears were certainly asymmetric and it’s impossible to make them perfectly symmetrical with surgery.  Although, that is always our goal. With that said, if after 3-6 months there are significant differences between the ears, I would suggest you talk to your surgeon. There are likely small revisions that can be done to improve on result.

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