Thinking of going through a 2nd procedure of nose job, want to hear opinions before.

It's been over 5 years since my 1st surgery, i want to hear opinions about a 2nd procedure. The thing that bothers me about my nose is that it's crooked, i can't breath well, the bone keeps growing which makes it more pain for me since it's not structured correctly. if you look carefully, you'll the that the tip of my nose is at the most right bottom part of my nose, which is killing me, sometimes with pain. i would also like to hear from your doctors, how would you operate on this nose.

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You need to see a specialist in revision rhinoplasty.
From the one picture, it appears that you have an inverted "V" deformity as well as what looks like a notch in  your right nostril rim. This notch could have been a result of an unrecognized malposition of alar cartilages. Right, and left profiles would be useful in further evaluations. Pictures do not show why you have pain.

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