Is it possible to straighten my nose from inside and outside after a failed septum surgery i did in 2012? (photo)

in 2012 Ive had a septum surgery in order to straighten and it failed the surgeon that did the surgery told me that i cant do another nose surgery after this one and i wanted to ask you why he said that? I found DR that specializes in closed nose surgeries technique and she said cartilage is not needed to fix the nose septum and it shape. Is it possible to straighten such nose from inside and outside that shown in the picture without more cartilage (and if it is - in what ways?) ?

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Rhinoplasty after failed septoplasty

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Septoplasty primarily has to do with the inside of the nose.  You can still straighten the outside of the nose without using cartilage but it really depends on your exam.  The photo suggests that this would be possible but a better exam in person would give you a better idea of what it would entail.  In your case, probably resetting the nasal bones along with repeating the septoplasty, could possibly help.  Depending on the curvature of the miiddle part of your nose, cartilage maybe required here but difficult to tell from the photo.  If you don't have enough cartilage remaining in the septum (we would check it first), then we may have to use cartilage from the ear to repair this portion.  

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