Can Biotin in high dosages cause faster hair growth?

If i take biotin in high dosage like 2500mcg +, my hair growth rate can be faster? I see a lot of people report that high dosage of biotin caused them for faster hair growth. Is there a risk to take high dosage of biotin daily? I found in the internet biotin in high dosage not dangerous because it can be dissolved by the water and get out of the body by urine.

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Vitamin Complex

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You can use vitamin+mineral complex tablets like viviscal or perfectil .Biotin alone ,daily use is safe but the effect in compare with vitamin complex tablets its lower.

Istanbul Physician
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Dosages should be within the Normal Limit.

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Thanks For your Question.

Dosages within the normal limit cause best results & its seldom that higher dosage will leads to faster hair growth. It has not been proven yet.

Biotin: better nails but falls short on hair

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Biotin is fairly safe under 5000 mcg per day on account of its water solubility. It can help the nails be stronger. I'm not a big believer in their benefits for hair. No study in humans has ever supported such a claim.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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