Isotretinoin - Will my Acne Come Back? (photo)

I have been taking isotretinoin(20 mg) and krimson 35 for 4 months now. My pimples have almost gone, only some scars are left. I want to stop taking the medicine as it has a lot of side-effects. Can i stop taking medicine? will the pimples come back if i stop taking the medicine? What skin-care regime should i follow to avoid occurrence of acne in future?

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How long do I take Isotretinoin

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Most people are on isotretinoin for a minimum of 6 months. It is imperative to get a specific mg dosage of the medication into your system. Only taking 20mg a day, I would think that regardless of how it looks at this moment, you haven't gotten enough of the mg of isotretinoin into your system to combat the acne in the long-run. Consult your prescribing physician.

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