Isotretinion Timing?

Hi, I am getting married in a month and started getting acne due to birth control pills which i started for contraception. My doc suggested isotretinion 20 mg followed by 10 mg..i am on my 26 th day of isotretinion. I still have 3 small acne..when can i expect my skin to clear?

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Isotretinion Timing

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Clearing all acne from isotretinoin can take several months to a year. If all you have is three small spots and you were trying to stop mild acne to begin with, I'd hope that by your wedding you will be just fine. The general rule we tell people is that any type of oral or topical acne medications begin to show signs of improvement at about 45 days. There are no products that work to immediately resolve acne, it's just not possible.

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