Isolaz Laser Burn Marks Turning my Skin White? Why and Will It Go Back to Brown??

I had the Isolaz laser treatment done as recommended by my doctor at a med spa Thursday, March 28. The laser burned like hell & left black marks on my face. Its now March 31, I've just washed my face & the burned skin is coming off in 2 areas around my mouth/chin, & is WHITE???!! I'm a dark brown African American! Skin care regimen post burn for the past 3 nights: Origins face wash 5% Benzoyl peroxide O.25% Tretinoin cream Biopelle Intensive Serum Origins moisturizer Origins moisturizer

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Burn Marks From Isolaz

Isolaz is a laser treatment and should be performed in a physician's office under the supervision of a physician. It sounds like whomever performed the treatment did not use the appropriate settings. Most likely the white areas will re-pigment and the skin tone will even out. I would avoid using harsh products like benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin cream until your skin is completely back to normal. Use gentle products only and be very careful with the sun. 

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