Isolaz for Red and Brown Spots?

My doctor wants to perform Isolaz treatment for some red and brown areas on my skin. Is Isolaz safe and are there any side effects or risks?

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Isolaz is broadband light

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Since Isolaz is broadband light, it can help improve red spots and some brown spots.  It is not quite as effective as IPL or laser treatments.

Toronto Dermatologist

Isolaz is a form of intense pulsed light

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Isolaz is fda approved for acne, but it is intense pulsed light plus suction.  For red and brown spots, we don't need the suction, but intense pulsed light can help.  I can see why your doctor wants to use Isolaz.  In our office, we have a separate Intense Pulsed Light machine that we use for red and brown spots as well as a Vbeam laser.  Isolaz is not ideal, but since there are little downsides to the suction, it might help.  Sometimes the suction can leave bruise marks on the skin.  Intense Pulsed Light can cause a burn and a blister with the potential for scarring, so make sure your doctor is well trained and has lots of experience. 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
Paramus Dermatologic Surgeon
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