Can I Get Isolaz Done on Fillers?

I have mild acne with extremely oily skin which I plan to treat with isolaz. I have juvederm filler on my nose a year ago and now I want to get artesense now for some of my depressed scars. I've also had artesense before. Will the action of isolaz affect the fillers?

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Isolaz impact on fillers

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I would recommend that you treat your acne before adding fillers.

Artesense is the Canadian version of Artefill and is a "permanent" filler. The carrier is collagen and the collagen could conceivably be impacted by the Isolaz if the filler is placed very superficially.

Be very sure that you want to use Artesense in your scars. It cannot be removed or dissolved so the result you get is something you will be living with long term - whether you like it or not.

Juvederm or another hyaluronic gel filler might be a good first choice for your scars. But have you tried fractional laser to smooth them? A filler can work, but the injector must be very careful not to overfill.

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