Will Isolaz Cause Increased Wrinkling Overtime Since It Destroys Oil Producing Cells?

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Isolaz does not cause wrinkling

Isolaz stunts sebaceous glands temporarily so there is decreased oil production, but it does not destroy the oil glands.  It can stimulate some collagen production so rather than causing wrinkles, it may delay them.

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Isolaz Does Not Increase Skin Wrinkling in Treated Areas

As mentioned by another doctor, Isolaz decreases oil production by sebaceous glands but does not destroy the glands.  You will still produce the appropriate oil necessary to protect the skin.  Some studies have shown that Isolaz can stimulate collagen production which would improve wrinkling.  Most of my patients undergoing Isolaz treatments, whether for acne or photo-rejuvenation, find their skin to be smoother and firmer. 



Channing R. Barnett, MD
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