Does Isolaz Cause Hyperpigmentation? What Are The Side Effects of Isolaz?

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Isolaz's side effects

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In theory, Isolaz can cause hyperpigmentation, however the risks are extremely low. Other possible side effects include redness after a treatment, possible bruising and a brief acne flair.

Isolaz Does Not Cause Discoloration

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When done correctly by an experienced technician (under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist), Isolaz does not cause hyperpigmentation (discoloration). Occasionally, the force of the vacuum can cause very mild bruising which resolves within a few days at the most.  I do not know of any other side effects of Isolaz and most patients are very pleased with the results. 

Isolaz does not cause hyperpigmentation

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Isolaz does not cause hyperpigmentation but you should avoid sun exposure after your treatments.  There is a potential for a bruise with the Isolaz vacuum but if performed by an experienced technician, there are no other side effects.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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