Isolaz and Steaming Before Treatment?

I've been to two doctors who have both performed Isolaz treatments on me. The first doctor steamed my face for about 15 minutes and performed a series of extractions prior to the treatment, while the second doctor just performed the treatment and nothing more. Is it necessary to steam & extract before Isolaz? Also, are nurses sufficiently trained to perform Isolaz treatments or should they only be performed by dermatologists? Thanks in advance!

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Isolaz preparation

Softening the debris in the pores is a good idea if it's offered - as is extractions. Nurses can perform the treatment in most states.

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Steam Before Isolaz Can Be Helpful

While not necessary, applying steam to the face prior to undergoing an Isolaz treatment can be very helpful.  Our nurses are trained to do Isolaz treatments and are usually the ones who perform then for our patients.  That being said, the treatment can only be done when I am present in the office. 

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