Help with upper arms, what are my options? (photos)

I hate my upper arms as they are wrinkled. I am 71 and my face is young for my age but my arms let me down and I always cover them up. I'd love to wear sleeveless tops and strapless maxi dresses but my arms let me down. I have been told that there is an operation but the scar is from your elbow to your underarm and is unsightly. Is this true? Is there any help for me>

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Upper arm lift.

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Thanks for your question. I think an upper arm lift will tighten your skin and dramatically reduce your wrinkly arm skin. I do not routinely go below the elbow, but I do place the incision in the back of the arm where it is less visible. To tighten the rest of forearm and elbow loose skin, which is often referred to as the "weenis", I recommend a combination of soft tissue filler and radio-frequency tightening. See the photo gallery below for a sample of my work.


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Help with upper arms, what are my options?

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I think that arm lift surgery would likely be of benefit in your case.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Brachioplasty for contoured arms

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Thank you for your question and pictures, in similar patients they would opt for arm lift or arm reduction surgery is suitable for those who have lost weight and cannot improve the contour and shape of their arm with further diet and exercise

Often the skin has lost its elasticity and tone and lines and wrinkles and stretch marks are seen on the skin of the upper arm. The fat under the skin hangs as the skin is unable to support the weight of the fat and so gives rise to the loss of shape and definition of the upper arm.

Arm lift or brachioplasty surgery aims to hide the scars on the inner arm by taking excess skin and fat from the inner arm, which improves the contour and tone of the upper arm. In some cases this cosmetic procedure is combined with liposuction to achieve the desired result.

The outcome will result in a better shape and contour of the upper arm, which allows you to readily find suitable clothing and will improve the cosmetic appearance of your upper arm and boosts your self-confidence.  Please make sure you find a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon who can assess you properly to give you a realistic idea of what outcome you can achieve.

The benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

  • Improve the appearance of your arms
  • Long lasting results
  • Shapely and toned upper arms
  • Improved self confidence

What does Arm Lift Surgery Involve?

Brachioplasty (surgical correction of the upper arm) is required to reduce the excess loose skin and fat. The length of an Arm Lift scar can vary depending of the severity of skin laxity, and is discretely placed on the inner arm in order to stay hidden from view. The scar starts at the axilla, extending towards the elbow on the inner arm.

If you are a younger patient with good quality elastic skin, it is possible to use liposuction to remove excess fat from the upper arm and then allow the skin to naturally retract. If some of the skin is not fully retracted, a much smaller incision can be made on the inner arm to remove the excess skin at a secondary procedure.

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You may be a candidate for smart lipo to tighten the skin around your arm instead of an arm lift.

An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon who performs these procedures is recommended to confirm you are a candidate as well as discuss your options and expectations. 

Always a scar, but. . .

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Without being able to examine you completely and just from the photos I see, I cannot say for sure, but I suspect you would be an excellent candidate for a brachioplasty as you have described. I have had excellent luck with where I place the scar and how I close it and how I treat it  postoperatively to minimize scarring such that many patients have scars that are almost imperceptible. There will always be a scar there but the quality of it is very important.   I think you would be an excellent candidate for it but you need to talk to a local board-certified plastic surgeon who tells you their experience and their impression of the situation. You look great and I hope this helps and you find a solution to your arms. 

Upper Arm Rejuvenation

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Thank you for your question and pictures. Based on your pictures, I feel that an upper arm lift will tighten the upper arms and remove the loose skin. The incision is usually on the inner aspect of the arm. While it does fade with time, just like all scars it is permanent.

Help with upper arms, what are my options? (photos)

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Thank you for your question and photos. Based on the photos alone, it's difficult to say what an arm lift, known as brachioplasty would do for you. At 71 years old, I assume that your issues are a result of loose/excess skin. Non-surgical options can improve the density of your skin, but if there is significant collagen deficiency, you might be disappointed. To evaluate if an arm lift is necessary, I recommend you seek the advice from a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for an in office exam. Yes, arm lift surgery does have the incision line that you mentioned, but with great care and communication, the scar can be tolerated.

Good luck!

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