Does the CO2 Laser deepen the wrinkles/lines at first and then improve later?

did the co2 laser treatment on my neck and my arms.. I am 45 years old i have worked in the sun all my life and have some severe pre-mature wrinkles and lines .I was recommended that this co2 be the treatment for the deep lines I have. 6 weeks recovery and my neck lines seem way more defined now and even deeper than before, my dr. Is recommending to laser the neck lines one more time but I am now un sure if this treatment and do not want to make it worse. My arms have a orange peel look to them why?

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Rejuvenate the Arms with a Combination Approach -- Thermage/Ultherapy, Sculptra, ThermiRF, Exilis Ultra/Venus Legacy, Fraxel

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Without a picture, it's difficult to tell, but it may be that you're still healing from your treatment. Lasers can sometimes be effective, but I find that a combination approach is best for this area. We use Sculptra for collagen production and Thermage to tighten, then followed by venus legacy treatments to maintain the results and improve the collagen production.  I suggest only seeing an expert for this.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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