I'd like to get mini face lift, also going with neck etc, can I have the liposuction and mini tt too? At the same time? (photos)

I have c c 25 year ago my belly is divided in 2, I did Lipo 13 years ago the result were .. Uneven and totally unsatisfied! I will like to go to Costa Rica, price and quality of work got me impress ! But also I can't afford to travel often, I will like to get an idea if those 2 procedure are compatible .

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Combining procedures

This is commonly done. You will need to be seen in person to determine what can be done safely. Definitely seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with an expertise in breast surgery and body contouring surgery for a consultation. Be sure to express your expectations and goals to the surgeon you choose. Good luck! 

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Safety of combination surgical procedures?

Generally speaking, combination surgical procedures are done routinely. However, you are wise in being concerned about the safety of combination surgery; risks/possible complications do increase with increased length of surgery… You are also wise about having concerns about doing surgery out of the country; important issues such as follow-up and management of complications are of great concern.
It is best to evaluate each patient's suitability for combination surgery on an individualized basis. During this consultation process, after a complete history and physical, the SAFETY of combining these surgical procedures becomes of paramount importance. Plastic surgeon, anesthesia provider, duration of surgery, surgery facility all important considerations. Your best bet: choose your plastic surgeon very carefully; everything else including good judgment/advice/planning, anesthesia provider and safe surgery facility will follow. Best wishes.

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Face lift and tummy tuck

I usually would not offer these two procedures at the same time. Each of these procedures requires a few hours of surgery, and combining the two is either going to make the procedure too long, or have your surgeon rushing and cutting corners. I would do them separately. More importantly, do not travel to the third world for surgery. This is dangerous and you're taking huge risks to save money, but in the end you are only putting yourself in a very dangerous situation.
Best of luck!
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Medical tourism

Medical tourism has plenty of downsides, particularly if you have a complication.  You may be focused on the "mini" aspects of both procedures but that does not mean that you are a candidate. If the Caesarean is typical, you would require a full abdominoplasty. A face/neck lift is not a short procedure.

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