My right eye is smaller than the left. What can I do? (Photo)

right eye is more smaller than another or from normal position. Sometimes more pain in backside of eye. So what is the reason and the deaseses please

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Right eye smaller than left

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You appear to have ptosis of one of your upper eyelids.  This occurs when a muscle in the upper eyelid becomes weak and allows the eyelid to fall across the eyeball lower than it should.  This issue can normally be repaired with a surgical procedure.  I would recommend seeing an oculoplastic surgeon, or a facial plastic or plastic surgeon who has experience with ptosis repair.   

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We all have significant asymmetries if you look closely.

Eye asymmetry, whether it be brow, lid or orbit is very common. The key is to delineate the cause. A common cause is a  hypoplastic (underdeveloped) maxillary sinus. That is the air-filled sinus under the eyes. Often one side is smaller than the other and that eye can sit deeper into the orbit than the contralateral eye. So it is not that your "eye" is smaller it is that the shelf it sits on is lower. 

This is not a pathologic state, meaning that there is no medical significance other than to note it if you were to under go sinus surgery. 

It is a difficult thing to treat though. Framing the eyes differently with fillers is the best route. 

Hope this helps.

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