Is Umbilicoplasty the Answer?

I've grown up with an odd shaped belly button with fat centered around it although i have a slim frame. I also have a dip from below my ribcage to where my navel is. I'm wondering is it the belly button that is causing this protruding bump? The cord feels really long when i pinch it. Please help!

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You need a scan to see if there is a umbilical hernia. I think you have one. Seek a hernia surgeon to evaluate.


Liposuction with / without Umbilicoplasty

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From the picture provided you have an excess under the skin fat and protuberance of the lower tummy. If you have not had any babies, you may be best served by liposuction of the tummy to bring this down. If you had children and have completed your family you may benefit from a Tummy Tuck with muscle tightening which would flatten the tummy completely.

as regards your belly button, it is hard to give you advice but you appear to possibly have a small hernia. This can usually be repaired and the belly button sewn deeper to make it look and hopefully feel better.

See a Plastic surgeon and have him/her best advise you on your options after examining you.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon


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Yes, based on your pictures, an umbilicoplasty can make a nice change for your belly button.  I do not think that you need any more of an extensive procedure.  Good luck.

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