Is There a Way to Correct a Gummy Smile with Implants?

Some might say i hav a "Gummy smile" But mine is not caused by the usual reasons (ie. overactive muscles, jutting upper jaw etc.) Mine is being caused instead by (and I think this is the right term) a lack of projectedness of the ascending process of the maxilla. ya dig?My nasal bone doesn't come down far enough, so my nostrils and lips are free to move excessively when i smile. Is it possible to place a couple of implants along the priform apture? like a kind of bumper to hold the nostrils down

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Blocking the gummy smile muscles with a filler

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I commend you on your innovative thinking and drawing skills and anatomic knowledge. This is clearly not conventional thinking but could work by mechanically interferring on the levator labii alaleque nasi muscles. I am not so sure it would work on the depressor nasi septi muscle. Botox would be easier. Prior to contemplating an implant you may want to test out your theory with an injectable filler that could be removed if you do not like the result.

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