Is Smartlipo Safe for Healthy People Who Have an Implanted Cardioversion Difibrillator (ICD's)?

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First of all Smart Lipo isn't any better than traditional lipo. That being said, a patient with an implanted defibrillator should realize the fragile nature of their life and should do everything to keep themselves out of harm's way. That means not doing medically unnecessary procedures like liposuction. I would personally be surprised if any real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon would even consider taking you on as a patient. I used to be an examiner for the American Board of Plastic Surgery and I would have flunked a candidate for board certification if they came to the exam having done liposuction on a patient with a defibrillator in place.

Most doctors who use Smart Lipo aren't real plastic surgeons and haven't even been taught in accredited residencies, so be very wary of them as they dmay not even know the dangerous situation they may be exposing you to if they were willing to operate on you.

Sorry, but that's the honest truth I believe.

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