Is Smart Lipo Permanent?

I'm a 48 yr old female who exercises regularly and eats healthy. I am not overweight, but since I turned 40, no matter how many exercises I do, I can't lose the fat on my lower stomach. I'm having smart lipo in a few weeks. The doctor says he is also going to "scoop" some of the fat out, as well as melting the fat cells. My question is, will this make a substantial difference and will it be permanent?

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Permanent results?

Results from liposuction are not permanent because you will continue aging after the surgery. The other issue is how much change you expect. Liposuction needs to be done carefully and with skill and caution because over aggressive suctioning will because dents, grooves, and scar tissue you won't like.

Be careful to be sure your doctor is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. The majority of doctors doing Smart lipo are not real plastic surgeons and I have seen several very damaged patients who went this route thinking the Smart lipo was a "smart" thing to do. Smart lipo is no better than properly done traditional liposuction.

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Depends on your definition of substantial difference after Smart Lipo

It really depends on what you consider a substantial difference. You have to be cautious in being overzealous with liposuction. Even in the best hands this can cause slight irregularities (rippling and waviness).

But in answer to your question about permanence, the fat removal will be permanently gone, unless you gain substantial weight.

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