Is Revision Tummy Tuck Possible for Me?

I had Tummy Tuck three years ago to improve my looks and give me more confidence, but instead I feel I have allowed myself to be mutilated. My scar is too high and my belly button has moved too far down and to the right. How can these problems be fixed without having another surgery? Is it even possible?

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Revision tummy tuck surgery

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Often tummy tuck revisions are possible.

It is difficult to "lower the incision" once it is made since a surgeon would basically need to remove tissue from below the incision to cause it to go down further.

Belly button abnormalities can often be improved by an umbilicoplasty, or remodeling of the belly button.

You may want to first address these issues with the plastic surgeon who did the surgery.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Moving an abdominoplasty incision

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It is very difficult to lower an abdominoplsaty incision after it has been performed.  The abdominal skin would have to be significantly lax to do so.  The umiblicus can be moved over but you may trade the move for an additional scar.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Another surgery is the only way

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Unfortunately, a revisionary surgery is the only way to correct your condition.  I would start by returning to your operating surgeon.  See what he/she can offer.  If you don't get satisfaction there, see a board certified plastic surgeon for a second opinion.  Good luck!

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Tummy Tuck Revisions

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Improving the appearance of your abdominoplasty may be possible but not without additional surgery.

In my San Francisco area practice we have seen a number of patients for abdominoplasty revision (including patients unhappy with their belly button look or position).

These can be very challenging cases and sometimes patients will have additional scars from umbilicus repositioning (sometimes it is not possible to pull enough skin down to get rid of the old scar).

If you're willing to consider additional surgery I'd suggest speaking to your previous surgeon about your concerns. If you're not comfortable with that, definitely find a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your situation.

I hope this helps!

A tough problem

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The height of the scar may have something to do with just how much extra skin you started with. The less skin excess, the higher the scar.

As to the belly button issue, it's really hard to comment without seeing pre and postop photos of you. The best thing to do is to talk with your surgeon about this and see what they say. A good doctor will want to make you happy more than anyone else. You might also meet with some other plastic surgeons well recognized for their tummy tucks and see what they say.

It would be technically hard to "raise" a belly button and move it back to the center. It might be that you would eventually need to redo the surgery and remove your old belly button and make an entirely new one from scratch.

You will likely need surgery for an appreciable change

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Sorry to hear you are having problems with your previous surgery. However, from what you describe, you will likely need surgery for any appreciable change. Fortunately, it is often possible to make great improvements, such as lowering the incision, improving the belly button, and liposuction to improve contour. Good luck. I hope this is helpful.

Tummy tuck revisions are possible

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It sounds like you have waited 3 years so the tissues are at a state where a new evaluation can be done. I would first return to your original surgeon and have a frank discussion about your continued conerns. Moving either the scar or the belly button is not easy, but if there is enough tissue laxity it would be possible to undertake a revision at this time.

Having clear goals and clear answers from your plastic surgeon is imperative. I would also seek at least one other opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. A fresh evaluation and an unbiased opinion can be helpful in your decision.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Some Degree of Improvement is Possible With Surgery

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Unfortunately, the only real improvement that you might obtain is with additional surgery. This would most likely involve a redo tummytuck. Without seeing you it is impossible to be any more specific. Your redo may be relatively easy and worth doing or difficult without significant improvement.

You should see your original plastic surgeon and discus your concerns and see what he has to say. Hopefully most of us want to have satisfied patients and are willing to go the extra mile to make them so. You should then get a second opinion to solidify your thoughts and determine all your options.

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical solution

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While I cannot comment if correction is possible in your specific case, the problems you describe (i.e. malposition of the belly button and high location of the scar) can only be remedied by surgery.

Seek a couple of opinions from board-certified plastic surgeons. Your gynecologist should be able to refer you to someone since he or she probably knows the reputation of plastic surgeons doing this type of surgery.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck revisions require an experienced hand

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Hi there-

I do think that some improvement of your tummy tuck result and scar position may be possible- but it would depend on your current appearance. Even if it were possible, this would be a more technically challenging procedure than your first and I would want to be sure that your surgeon was comfortable and experienced in the technique.

Do go back to your surgeon and discuss this with him/her- I'm sure that they want you to be as happy as possible and would want to know about your concerns.

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