Is my Reaction to the MiXto Laser an Allergy or an Infection?

I had the MiXto laser resurfacing on December 27. Things looked really good but after two days, I became extremeley red and swollen. I called my doctor and he prescribed an antibiotic. I've been on them for two days, with little change. I'm very concerned and worried. I hope there's no long term damage. I'll be seeing my doctor, but I'd still like to learn about some doctors' insights: Could this be just an allergic reaction or is this an infection?

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May be debris

Hi there,

I have found what you are describing to be fairly common and most often is related to the ointment used after the treatment, or to the buildup of dead skin on the surface of the face- either will cause blocked pores and can lead to excessive inflammation. I have found that transitioning to a lighter and less greasy moisturizer, as well as gently removing the debris when you wash helps clear this up quickly. One caveat, though- if you are having blisters, whiteheads, increasing pain, or other concerning symptoms, definitely get in to see your doctor to be sure it's not something worse. Good Luck- I'm sure you'll look great when you're done!

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