Is Laser Liposuction Superior to Other Forms of Lipo?

It almost seems to good to be true, at least if you believe everything you read.  What are the advantages over other methods like tumescent liposuction and the traditional way?

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Too early to judge laser liposuction

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Smart lipo uses a very small tip to deliver the laser energy. Sometimes that can be advantageous in a small area while other times it can be quite tedious.

Imagine painting a room with an artist's fine paintbrush versus using a roller brush. You might get alot of detail but it would take forever, right? Will the result be that much better? Guess who pays for that?

Also because it tends to be less of a surgical procedure, it can be performed by physicians other than surgeons.

The claims about skin contraction really are unproven are may be due to low level injury to the undersurface of the skin rather than a true selective outcome of the laser energy. Similar claims by other companies have been made in the past and have NOT proven the test of time. One technique called the Weekend Alternative to the Facelift used a CO2 laser to treat the undersurface of the neck skin and was intitially promoted in 1999 but quickly fell by the wayside when other physicians reported problems with the laser energy applied to the undersurface of the skin.

Laser Lipolysis is trendy because it sounds sexy but that does not mean it works well. Time will tell.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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If it sounds too good to be true.....

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The bogus marketing and hype surrounding laser liposuction techniques has been discussed multiple times in this forum. Basically, no scientific studies have been performed that show a benefit for the laser liposuction (ie Smart lipo) procedures over traditional tumescent liposuction surgery.

The final result a patient will obtain depends entirely on the skill of the surgeon (note carefully that MANY non-plastic surgeons do liposuction!) and the quality and elasticity of the patient's skin. The technique used is the least important factor!

Beware Laser Liposuction is not as good as it is hyped up to be!

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The heavy marketing and false advertising that laser liposuction is getting is such a disservice to patients who really want a good result.  Tumescent liposuction with the micro canulas is by far superior to any laser liposuction technique that I have seen or heard about.  Don't be fooled and suffer burns, puckering and other problems from laser liposuctions.  Some docs can do a descent job with laser lipo but that is not what I have seen routinely.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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You surgeon more important than the style of liposuction

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Laser lipo does work but it is not to replace traditional liposuction. All the liposuction techniques use tumescent.Tumescent is the part that fluid and lidocanie is injected to the liposuction areas to decrease the bleeding and make the lipouction easier. Laser lipo gives the advantage of shorter recovery time. Laser lipo is for limited areas and also limited amount of liposuction. I offer both laser lipo and traditional lipo.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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