Is It Safe to Operate IPL Equipment During Pregnancy??

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I work for a doctor. I operate IPL equipment I do not want to tell them I'm pregnant until I can confirm heart tones on an ultrasound in 2 weeks is it safe for me to operate IPL equipment during pregnancy ???

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IPL is safe to operate for someone pregnant

The energy created by an IPL machine is "non-mutagenic" meaning non-cancer causing energy.  There should be no issue with you operating the IPL equipment while you are pregnant.

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The light energy should only be harmful to your eyes if not protected

Thanks for your question.

You should have no problem during pregnancy at any time. The IPL energy is harmful to the unprotected eye, and regarding the skin, it only penetrates superficially, so there is no harm systemically. Operating the machine poses no risk unless there are harmful chilling agents that you come into contact with, or, if the physical motion of moving the machine or the handpieces affter your ability to continue your pregnancy.

In short, the light energy poses no risk. Good luck with your pregnancy! Hope this helps.

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