Pregnancy - Is It Safe to Get a Wrinkle Filler Before a Pregnancy?

I want to have a dermal filler injected for the lines by my mouth and nose - I waited until after breastfeeding my son, but now am thinking of getting pregnant again soon! If I have a filler injected, then get pregnant a month or two later - is that safe???

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The answer to your question is that nobody knows. The...

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The answer to your question is that nobody knows. The safety of fillers in pregnancy has not been established through rigorous scientific testing. Given the nature of the procedures and the injectibles, it is probably safe but no one knows for sure.

As a caution, I advise patients not to undergo injections if they are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant. Any possible risk is too great given that these injections are done for cosmetic reasons.

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Fillers and pregnancy

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While I doubt that a filler placed pre-pregnancy will cause a problem for you, no one really has the answer. To this end, I would probably tell you to defer from doing it until after you have completed your pregnancy and breast feeding.

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