Is It Possible for Radiesse to Change Daily?

I had Radiesse injections 5 weeks ago & in the morning, it looks okay but as the day progresses it appears to change, swell or have odd contours/lines. I am going in for a consult with another doctor due to an issue that occurred between the original doctor post-Radiesse injections. How long does it actually take to know when the results are final?

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There are two components to Radiesse: one is the active ingredient calcium hydroxyl apatite and the second is carboxymethyl cellulose. The second component allows the calcium powder to be injected in a paste like consistency but it also takes about 3 months to absorb. The calcium may be present for up to 5 years but demonstrates tissue augmentation over a shorter period.

While the carobymethylcellulose is being absorbed, you may experience some changes which tend to stabilize; by 3 months. Occasionally at this point in time "booster" or supplemental injections are advised to compensate for the partial volume loss observed in some individuals.

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