Is It Possible to Have a Family Doctor Burst an Implant Using a Syringe?

Is It Possible to Have a Family Doctor Burst an Implant Using a Syringe?

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It is possible for anyone to burst an implant using a needle and syringe. I am assuming that this is something that may have occurred inadvertently and not intentionally. If there is a change in the breast shape, size then it is likely. If you have some concern that it may be leaking and aren't sure, a sonogram or MRI scan can help. Good luck!

See a plastic surgeon

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If you no longer want your implants, the best thing to do is see your original surgeon or seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss implant removal options. If your implants are silicone, then using a syringe will only puncture them and risk infection and leakage but will not cause deflation. If they are saline, they will deflate but the shell will remain. If your goal is to avoid surgery, you should still discuss with a plastic surgeon to prevent further problems such as infection.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon


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I am not sure why this is necessary? If they are saline devices they can be drained via syringe, leaving the shell behind. If you do not want the impllants in, have them removed, it is best.

Michael S. Beckenstein, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Best to remove the implant

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Any one can puncture an implant to deflate it. You need to make sure it is done sterily so the implant does not get contaminated in the process.Deflating the implant is the easy part but you really want to get the implant out totally. If the implant is left in place for a long time it is likely that the implant capsule will contract and form a hard ball.

See a plastic surgeon about the implants so you can make a good long term decision.

Best Wishes

Dr. Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

Technically yes, ideally no

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If you have saline implants and want them deflated, all one has to do is make a few passes in the implant with an 18g needle, aspirating to be sure you are in the right location. After a few days, this leaves an empty envelope in the breast pocket which is sometimes palpable and annoying, sometimes not.

It is better to go to a plastic surgeon for this because we understand far better how to access the implant because we put them in all the time. Remember that it is excedingly simply under local anesthesia to remove the implants and not have to leave an empty envelope behind.

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